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Let's Work Together

We’re interested in working with you to build services for your clients. Our patented technology offers the ability to collect, deliver, and handle highly sensitive documents in a highly secure manner.

Our technology is easy for developers and allows for highly secure and fully custom integration into a wide range of applications. It meets the credit card industry’s PCI DSS security standards, is independently tested and is certified as a Level 1 service provider.

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Validation allows you to group submissions using categories. It’s completely configurable by your administrator and can be set up with default document selections, central notification emails, as well as other options so that the team is even more efficient than ever.

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Choose which documents to ask for

You can request one or more identity documents from the person to verify, but as a general rule we always recommend selecting ‘Selfie’.

Remember, less is better. For example, if you only need a selfie and drivers license, don’t ask for more than that.

Create the submission link

When you’re happy with the options, a unique submission link is generated with a click, then you’re ready to send the link to the person you’re validating.

Validation is entirely web based, mobile friendly and compatible with major web browsers. You can send the link to your customers any way you’d like (email, text message, support chat etc.)

Send the link to your client

Once you’ve sent the link to your client, all you need to do is wait for them to complete the submission process. They can submit in their own time, which means you do not have to review submissions live as they come in.

Your team doesn’t need to keep the same schedule as your clients.

Review the timeline

The timeline displays the series of pictures captured during the ID submission process.

Often you’ll be able spot bad actors in a glance just by moving your mouse over a series of images, like a movie. The changing images will help you pick up on subtle clues which may have been otherwise missed in a single picture.


Zoom in on details

If you need a closer look at something in a submission, by moving your mouse pointer over the pictures, you can zoom in and see even more details to help you validate the submission.

Now, its up to you…

Pass the ID submission​

If all the pieces of the puzzle look correct, you can pass the submission. The submission will be stored for only as long as you need to retain it, then automatically deleted.

Or Fail the ID submission

If the submission looks questionable or doesn't match what you're expecting to see, you now have the ability to stay ahead of potential fraud.