How to reset your password


Resetting your password is a simple and familiar experience on Validation.

The very first step, is to visit the login page:


On the screen which loads, click “Forgot password” link.


Enter your email address into the box and submit


Log into your email account and click the big blue button to reset your password.


Set a new password.

General advice for selecting a password, anywhere, anytime, is to think of a passphrase, like  TheLittleDogRanDownToThePark

A passphrase will give you an easy to remember long password. Special characters and capitalization are not necessary to add unless you would like to.


Once you click “Confirm Password” your new password will be set and you will be able to log into Validation.

Looking to rest your 2FA? You’ll need to contact your manager, or Validation support if you are the account administrator.