Setting a central notification email


As our standard method, the team member which creates a submission link is the same team member to receive notification when the documents are submitted. This can create issues if there are multiple team members working on validating submissions.

The recommended way to address concerns of this nature is by setting a central email address for submission notifications to be sent to.

The setting for this is found in the admin, to users who have permissions to manage categories.

Start by clicking “Categories”


Move your mouse over the … next to the category you wish to edit, this will expand to show the “Edit” button.


Click the “Edit” button.


On the window which loads, scroll to the bottom and look for the email notification section.

In this section you may enter an email address to receive submitted document notices on.

On completion of a submission by your client, in addition to the creating agent, this email address will now also be sent a notification. 

Don’t forget to click “Save changes”