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Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many reasons companies and organizations will ask their clients to submit identity documents.
Often the merchant is just doing a quick ID check. Think of when you’re at a department store and make a purchase with a credit card.
When you make the purchase, the cashier may request to see a piece of Identification to verify it’s your credit card.

Yes. While it’s true that nothing can be absolutely secure, Validation is dedicated to ensuring that our service is safe. External firms are hired to conduct compliance audits and conduct security testing on a regular basis.
From the moment you start visiting Validation your visit is secured by SSL level encryption. When taking pictures, these pictures are transmitted over the internet using the same SSL encryption standard that every e-commerce site uses when you use a credit card to make a purchase.
Once on our servers, the documents are further encrypted, and access to your ID is strictly restricted to specific people within the merchant partner’s company.
If “Acme & Co” requests that you submit your ID, only specific people at Acme & Co can access your ID.
Validation.com and it’s employees can not see your ID.
Finally, every merchant interaction with your ID is logged by Validation to help prevent abuse by our merchant partners.

It is only possible to upload your documents when one of validation.com’s partners has specifically requested you to do so. Most organizations will not enable this unless they are requesting a document such as a business license.

No. At this time Validation.com does not allow email or faxed copies of identification to be submitted.

If you have not recently engaged with a company which is requesting you to submit ID, do not submit your documents and please immedieately contact [email protected]

Please contact the organization you submitted your documents to in order to discuss their data retention policy.
Validation does not have any ability to delete submissions.

Only people directly associated with the organisation which requested information will have access to view your documents. Validation staff do not have the ability to view submissions.

A series of pictures are taken from the webcam feed for the requestor to review.
The images are captured at your standard camera resolution.

When going through the submission process, we always show “you” in the list of items we’re taking a picture of.
Even if a selfie is not requested by the organization, we still show this as notification and reminder that you may be visible on the webcam during the document submission process.

Validation.com is an submission tool and is unable to assist with issues of this nature.
Please contact the company which requested that you submit documents directly.

If the webcam on your computer does not work the submission process is fully compatible with smartphones and vice versa.

Many organizations may request to see the back of a document as part of their due diligence process.
It is not uncommon.

Each organization has a different policy for communicating with their consumers.
Validation does not have insight to the review process or plocies of the organizations which use us.
Please direct all questions of this nature to the party which requested your documents, Validation does not reply to user inquires.