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Setting up 2FA

Under no circumstance will the staff of Validation ask you for a 2FA code.

Never share 2FA codes with anyone, ever. #

Welcome to setting up 2FA on your new Validation partner account. We’re going to go step by step through the process of install a 2FA app together over the next steps. From your main computer, log into Validation. When you first log in, you will arrive to a page showing 3 steps like you see below:


The very first thing you will need to do is install Google Authenticator, or if you already have it, you may simply add Validation by opening the app, clicking the Plus sign and scanning the QR code. There are also alternatives to Google Authenticator, other apps like Duo work perfectly fine, but for this help article we’ll take a look at Google’s offering. Depending on what type of phone you have, click the badge to visit the Apple or Google app store.

Looking at Android, click the big green button to install the app. Apple’s installation process will be similar.

Once the app is installed, click the “Scan a QR code” link which will launch the camera on your phone. The ideal method is to load on your computer and 2FA on your phone, however, if you are setting up your account from your phone, then at this point rather than scanning a QR code, click “enter a setup key”

Move the red outline you see on your phone screen to overlap with the QR code. If you are creating your account from a mobile phone, you will need to use the “Manual Entry Key.”  To get the key, click the downward facing arrow to get the key.

Google Authenticator will automatically take the picture it needs and take you to a screen where it will show a 2FA listing with 6 numbers beneath it. Enter those numbers into the boxes in step 3.

Click “Log in”   When you next log into Validation, you will see a box with space for 6 numbers, all you need to do, is open your Google Authenticator app and enter the 6 numbers which are shown under the 2FA listing.

These numbers will change every 30 seconds and are one time use. You do not need to save them or write them down.   To learn more about 2FA, click here.