How to ask someone for ID - Validation® How to ask someone for ID - Validation®

How to ask someone for ID

Asking a client for ID doesn’t need to be hard, we’ve done what we can to make this a safe and easy process for both you and client.

We call the links that your users click to submit their documents “Submission Links.”  To create a “Submission Link” first log into your Validation account. The page you first arrive to is the “Submissions” page after logging in. You can easily get back to this page by clicking “Submissions” in the menu at the top of the page, or by clicking the logo.

Click the blue “New Submission” button

Clicking the button will open a new window with a simple form for you to enter details and select options for your client.

In the “Your Tracking Id” field enter your internal tracking information, a ticket ID, or order number, etc, something that allows you to search your client submission at a later date. Select a category to help you manage the submission and to load preset requirements.

Please DO NOT enter client details such as their name or email address in this field. Only enter tracking information that does not contain personally identifiable information.

Then you can modify the submission link options.

Decide if you would like to receive notice via email once the client has submitted their documents.

There is also the option to display the client a notification on the step before the first submission, below you’ll see the “Be dressed illustration” which by default is on.

Finally click the blue “Create Submission” link to create the submission link to send your client.

The submission link is web based and fully mobile friendly. You may be send your client the link by email, phone txt message, online chat, etc.