Creating and managing Categories - Validation® Creating and managing Categories - Validation®

Creating and managing Categories

Creating and managing Categories #

Categories are key to many aspects of Validation. At the category level, you can set defaults for many functions including key aspects like automated document deletion and what information to request from your clients. 

Preconfiguring categories will help your teams to be efficient and ensure that they are asking for the right information every time.

Once logged in, click “Category” link in the top menu, you’ll first arrive to a list of existing categories. If you’re just starting, there is only the single “Default” category which you may edit.

To create the new category, look for the blue button which says “New Category”

When you click it, a window will open and you will see the the section you see below

At the top you’ll see Category Name. This is where you can give your category a short descriptive name which will be helpful later when generating new “Submission Links” to ask clients for ID.

For example a e-commerce store might have a category for high value transactions which they are screening, they might name the category “Over $500”

The Callback URL is where people are sent once they have submitted their documents. You can customize this, or leave it blank and we’ll send them to our simple thank you page telling them that they have successfully completed the submission.

The Purge Time is a very important setting.

This setting allows you to control when the documents collected are automatically deleted from Validation.

Only keep documents as long as needed. If you only need to retain them for 30 days, don’t keep them 31 days. Individual submissions can be retained for legal reasons and similar on a submission by submission basis.

Default Documents is the next section and allows you to make sure that the documents you need are requested every time.

The selections here will automatically populate when you select the category when creating a Submission Link.

Enable category labels, is a fairly specific feature which is needed by some larger corporate clients. If this is selected, when creating a ticket, it will require that the user add a label to the submission link.

A merchant using Validation for high value transactions, may wish to have a secondary label added to specify what was purchased, for example “photography equipment”

Enable notifications by email will have Validation send you an email when the person has completed their submission.

By default, the person who creates the ticket receives notification by email when the submission has been completed, but If you enter an email into this field, the email will not go to the agent and will instead arrive to this email address. This is helpful when you have a central help desk email and shared responsibilities.

For more advanced users you may enter a Webhook URL and we will call it when the submission has been received and once your team reviews it.

Once your settings are how you’d like them, all you need to do is click the blue “Create Category” button at the bottom and the category will be created.

If you don’t see it right away when creating a new submission link, refresh your browser and it should be visible.