About Us

Validation was developed initially in 2018 by the R&D arm of the ICANN accredited domain name registrar Namecheap.

Namecheap has provided domain name and hosting services to millions of customers over nearly 20 years. Validation now launched independent from Namecheap has carried forward the same values and pillars of trust, truth & transparency on its startup journey.

Validation is dedicated client document management platform. With a security first focus, organizations using Validation are able to engage with their clients to validate documents and then manage the  documents securely.

Validation can help organizations in virtually every industry, from Universities operating remotely, to e-commerce stores looking to reduce chargebacks and everything in between. Our goal is bring our partners and their users face to face allowing more than just documents to be validated.

Anytime you need to validate who is on the other side of a computer, Validation is here for you.