KYC & Identity Verification Made Simple Again

KYC Easy As

May I See Your ID?

KYC, Secure File Collection, Identity Proofing, and Fraud Prevention ... By You!

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calm from knowing who your customer is

Know Your Customer

We make it easy to onboard users, with low friction KYC submissions, matched with an intuitive and fast review process.

saving money by preventing chargebacks

Reduce Chargebacks

When you have to protect your chargeback ratio, it’s critical to stay ahead of the chargeback and validate the person behind the transaction.

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Protect Accounts

Protect your clients, their accounts, and your bottom line, make sure you’re always talking to the rightful owner of an account.

Validation® Puts You In Charge Of Customer Verification

Validation helps you verify new customers, better manage your KYC compliance, and mitigate risk.
Everything in one place, everything at your fingertips.

No need to wait. You can start today with no technical integration required.

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The 3 Simple Steps of Validation

1. Send your client a submission link

By selecting the individual documents you need to validate an account, your prospective customer will be able to quickly and easily submit the appropriate documentation via a link on their mobile device or webcam.

You can create a link on our website, or integrate us with your own website using our API. Once you have the link, you can send it to your client however you would like to.

select options and create link
submit selfie and documents

2. Your client submits their documents

Our highly secure and user friendly submission process helps people submit their documents in as little as 30 seconds start to finish.

Validation works on any internet enabled web browser. Our simple, easy to use interface provides an ideal submission experience across all major operating systems and mobile devices without any apps, plugins or downloads needed.

3. You review your client's submission

Keeping your business safe is everyone’s job. An intuitive review experience awaits your team. The majority of submissions are real clients of yours doing real things, so people trying to do questionable things often stand out on camera.

Your team is empowered to confidently approve clients and reject bad actors without specialized training.

It’s almost like being face to face with your client.

review submitted documents
  • “By leveraging the Validation software 71% of previously suspicious actors dropped off when challenged to provide their ID”

    Head of risk

  • “ saves us both time and money by quickly and accurately verifying the identity of our customers. Legitimate customers are not inconvenienced by the validation process."

    Todd Han

    President at DynaDot