Identity verification
made easy

With you verify people online just like you do in person.


No long-term commitments


No facial recognition


GDPR Compliant


PCI DSS - Level 1 SP Certified puts you in charge of the client ID verification process.
Created to stop bad actors in their tracks, now everyone including small businesses and charities have access to enterprise grade security.

Know Your Customer

Low friction KYC submissions for your users, matched with an intuitive and fast review process for your team.

Reduce chargebacks

When something doesn’t seem right, stay ahead of the chargeback and validate the person behind the transaction.

Stop account takeovers

Protect your clients and their accounts, make sure you’re always talking to the rightful owner of an account.

The 3 simple steps of Validation

You create a submission link

Select which documents you’ll need to validate your client, then create a mobile friendly submission link for the person you’re validating to open in their web browser.

You can create a link on our website in less than a minute by hand, or do it instantly on your own website with our API.

Your client submits their documents

Our secure and user friendly submission process helps people submit their documents in as little as 30 seconds start to finish.

The submission process is entirely web browser based and is mobile device friendly. Validation works on all major web browsers with access to the internet without any apps, plugins or downloads needed.

Then YOU review the submission

An intuitive review experience awaits your team. The majority of submissions are real clients of yours doing real things, so people trying to do naughty things often stand out on camera.

Your team is empowered to confidently onboard clients and reject bad actors without specialized training.

It’s almost like being face to face with your client. 

“ saves us both time and money by quickly and accurately verifying the identity of our customers. Legitimate customers are not inconvenienced by the validation process."

Todd Han

President at DynaDot

Partners and integrations

Plans to suit every need

From small companies to large enterprises, we’ve got you covered.
Most popular


For smaller businesses and organizations with infrequent usage and a single risk team member.


per month

or $199/Year Save $29


20 ID Submission Links
1 Agent
1 Category ?
API Access


$1.00 / Additional Submission
No Additional Agents Available

Most popular


For established organizations and businesses with a frequent need to verify people.


per month

or $999/Year Save $189


200 ID Submission Links
5 Agents
5 Categories
API Access


$0.50 / Additional Submission
$7.50/month / Additional Agent

Most popular


For large businesses or organizations with a daily need to validate a large number of people.


per month

or $4999/Year Save $989


2000 ID Submission Links
10 Agents
10 Categories
API Access


$0.25 / Additional Submission
$5.00/month / Additional Agent